This is a wonderfully luxurious treatment using oils from mother nature. Citrus, floral and woody based oils can be mixed together or used individually. Muscular tissue and knots found around the neck, back, legs and arms can be alleviated from stress, tension, wear and tear.

As the Essential Oils are also antiseptic and can be of medicinal help (please note not to replace essential oils for traditional medicines such as those used to treat blood pressure etc.) they can also contribute to a sense of wellbeing.

Heather works with clients who have experienced trauma as well as those who just want to ‘step off the treadmill’ for a while and unwind.

Treatments include an Aromatherapy Facial and Scalp Massage, Back Massage or Full Body Massage. Each treatment includes a 10 minute Relaxation period at the end before a client leaves, This affirms the benefits of the Massage and also the meditative properties of the treatment as a whole.

Aromatherapy falls into the category of COMPLIMENTARY TREATMENTS. Quite often the term alternative is used. This is incorrect. Complimentary treatments complement orthodox and traditional treatments given by doctors, and in recent years they have been given a lot of credit by the medical profession as well as recognition of their many benefits.

Bach Flower Remedies

Rescue Remedy, in the form of the original tincture, has been given a lot of credit in recent times. Its usage before examinations, times of anxiety and worry, fear of flying and distress amongst others has been recognised. It is now available in cream, pastile, spray and chewing gum forms. This tincture is safe to be used by adults, children and can also be administered to your pets. Taken in sips of water or directly from the dropper bottle it can help ease anxiety in a very gentle and non intrusive manner. It is non-habit forming and non-addictive.

This is a convenient and portable way to to enjoy the benefits of Rescue Remedy. The range has also evolved to include a Rescue Night product to help you switch off after the stresses of your day. Rescue Night is alcohol-free and suitable for all the family.